Planning a weekend project or a larger job that requires the power and agility of a Bobcat loader, excavator or attachment? We offer a variety of Bobcat equipment for rent by the day, week or month — whatever suits your timetable. Come in and see us to find out more.

Josh Wagner
Rental Manager

Office: 301-840-9300

Hank Sullivan
Rental Manager
Office: 301-568-1104

Dustin Meeks
Rental Manager

Office: 410-795-1500

Irvin Thomas
Branch & Rental Manager

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We’re not the biggest around but aspire to be the best.

Metro Bobcat has a unique rental fleet specializing in

Bobcat equipment.  We offer attachments you just

won’t find at large national rental companies.  We have

the ability to choose the right model Bobcat product for

your particular job requirements verses the concept of

one or two model choices to facilitate any job.


The following list will give you an idea of rental equipment we offer:


                Bobcat Skid-Steer Loaders           (11 Models)

                Bobcat Track Loaders                     (6 Models)

                Bobcat Mini-Track Loaders            (2 Models)

                Bobcat Compact Excavators        (19 Models)

                Bobcat Telescopic Forklifts           (1 Models)

                Bobcat Utility Vehicles                   (4 Models)


                Bobcat Attachments                       Too many to list


Every aspect of our rental personnel is focused on meeting

the needs of our customers.  We maintain a diversified fleet with a low-age

profile and unsurpassed reliability.

Our delivery is on time with the right equipment to get

the job done.





Examples of our specialty equipment:

        Equipment with Enclosed Cab’s with Heat & AC

        Loader with a Tree Shear Attachment

        High Flow Loader with Planer Attachment

        High Flow Loader with Stump Grinder Attachment

        Loader and Excavators with air purifiers

        Excavator’s with Power Tilt & Hydraulic Clamps

        Track Loader’s with 6-Way Dozer Blades

        Loader with Rear Stabilizers 



Please feel free to contact one of our experienced Rental





We offer the Bobcat packer wheel. The packer wheel adds versatility to a machine by reducing the need for conventional compaction equipment and promoting on-the-job safety by eliminating the need for a person working in the trench. It comes in an 11-inch width and no auxiliary hydraulics is required. The open rim sheep foot design utilizes the weight of the wheel and down pressure from the carrier to achieve compaction, without the need for auxiliary hydraulics.  The open rim design enables the wheel to penetrate through the lift of trench fill and compact the soil from the bottom up than the top down, and eliminates bridging and voids in the compacted trench.  When operating the packer wheel, the depth of the first lift should be such that the wheels sheep foot pads do not come in contact with pipe or wire placed in the trench.  Depth of lift can vary subject to soil condition. However, six to ten passes over the material should be sufficient to achieve 95 percent or greater density in normal conditions.  The operator, after using the packer wheel for a reasonable amount of time, can normally tell if the required compaction has been obtained through the feel of the machine’s hydraulic controls.  An amount of fluff normally the depth of the sheep foot will remain on top of the compacted soil.